Ever thought life would be better if...?

You can have the smile of your dreams!  Tired of looking at those average teeth?  Or considering options for replacing those missing teeth of yours?  Call and ask us for a free consultation to go over your options ($55 value, conditions apply*)




I want to keep my mouth healthy

Whether you’re new to the area, or you want to get into the habit of having healthy mouth checks, oral health screening and cleanings are essential part of overall health and well-being.  We treat our patients like our own family.  That’s why we offer new patients an introductory fee to familiarize themselves with our practice and to receive world class care.  During our new patient health checkup/cleans, we will first take the time to get to know you as an individual before diving into any dentistry.  Next, we'll take a large facial x-ray to assess bone pathology, 2 small films to screen for decay and gum disease, an oral cancer screening, gums screening, decay screening, identification of  any teeth that might cause you trouble, followed by a healthy mouth clean and a fluoride.  We’ll even show you the secrets of how dentists clean their teeth at home!  All of this for only $198 (normally $350, conditions apply**)




My kid has crooked teeth!  When is it time to see the orthodontist?


Crooked teeth is usually a symptom of another problem, and usually worsens if left untreated.  Children as young as 5 may already exhibit dental crowding.  Thus, early diagnosis is key to preventing long courses of orthodontic treatment.  At Smithfield Medical and Dental Centre, we do not believe in the old way of thinking, extracting, rather, amputating innocent healthy adult teeth to make enough room for crooked teeth to be straightened.  We encourage you to bring your children in for a free  orthodontic consultation where we can discuss your concerns ($55 value, conditions apply***)



* a 3D scan is required prior to this visit which would provide very valuable diagnostic information for treating you.  A referral for such a scan can be arranged by our friendly reception at our office.

** a healthy mouth means you have had a regular checkup and clean within the past 12 months, which will most likely result in the absence of periodontal disease.  If you have not seen a dentist in a while, your gums may be infected, especially if you regularly see your gums bleeding when you brush your teeth.   In these cases, we would rather spend the time educating you about this condition and its management, rather than jump right into a healthy mouth clean.  Fees will vary depending on the severity of the disease.

*** any patient considering orthodontic work will require x-rays taken prior to the consultation. The arrangement for such x-rays can be taken care of by our friendly reception staff at our office.